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Lactation Consulting Services

“Julie turned our breasfeeding experience from dreading to feed ... to one which I now enjoy”
— Sara, mum of Lachy

Lactation Consulting Services - advice, help and assistance with breast feeding and baby soothing

Over my many years supporting women with breast feeding I have learned that breastfeeding can come easily to some women however for many women there is a struggle with making a comfortable, pain free attachment and adequate supply to meet their baby's needs.

My techniques for guiding you through breastfeeding challenges are gentle and easy to follow and any advice that I give is always followed by the reasons behind that advice.

During these sessions I can also assist you with guidance through parenting and settling your baby if this is needed.

Sessions are 1.5 hours long for the first visit (1 hour for any follow up visits) in my rooms at Upwey however I can do Home/Hospital visits if required. 

Investment and Availability

Breastfeeding Preparation Sessions

These sessions are ideal for first time mums-to-be who want the best possible preparation before the birth of their baby.


If you have had a previous breastfeeding experience that has been challenging these sessions can be a great help.

 Appointment time: 1 hour

Cost of Breastfeeding Support Sessions:

$95 (1st appointment, 1 1/2 hours)

$75 (follow up appointment)

Home visit costs:

$110 (1st appointment); $80 follow up visits (additional travel costs may apply)

Breastfeeding Preparation sessions:

$60 (1 hour appointment time) 

What a Lactation Consultant Can Teach You 




Breastfeeding Lactation Consultants are great and they are at your disposal if you are having any breastfeeding issues at all. We work on everything from latching on, to milk supply problems to, weaning your baby. Anything and everything that you can imagine, related to breastfeeding we will fix for you.


Julie is certified with the International Board of Lactation Consultants.