Happy Clients

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" Julie Jarrett was our Facilitator and kindly agreed to hold 4 private sessions in Upwey.

We gained valuable information, insights, self-hypnosis techniques and tools that assisted me during the lead up to birth. This allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident about the whole birthing process.

I was able to draw upon and use some of the techniques during my very fast birth and my partner also applied various techniques which added comfort and a very supportive environment.

Julie is also a mid-wife and a lactation consultant which I felt was an added incentive to complete the course as we were able to learn additional information about various topics. I highly recommend this course and especially for new mothers and partners". 

— rebecca & carlin jones

"I had been experiencing difficulty, headaches and the like.

I am not one to usually seek help but my friend put my onto Julie and the experience was amazing.

She used EFT to clear my headaches, I had never been tapped before but it was a wonderful experience.

Thanks Julie, I highly recommend your services.

— janet

"I was referred to Julie by my friend after my little boy was professing slowly with weight gain and was inconsistent with his attachment to the breast.

Julie offered a safe a welcoming environment to discuss our journey and observe what was happening with the feeding. Further to his her advice and suggestions were all based on the best available evidence and expertise in her field.

Julie turned our breastfeeding experience form dreading to feed due to pain and anxiety regarding weight gain to one which I now enjoy!

Our son has consistently been putting on good amounts of weight and breastfeding now feels natural and comfortable.  Without Julie’s help we wouldn’t have been equipped with the skills and encouragement to continue breastfeeding”

— sara, mum of lachy

"I had a gorgeous pet dog who died when I was 16 years old and even as a 49 year old, I would still get emotional just thinking about it, so I decided to try EFT with Julie Jarrett.

Julie was very kind and understanding, she explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was completely comfortable with the EFT process. She used a gentle technique to help release my patterned response of sadness and grief every time I thought of my dog.

During the EFT session I felt the emotional charge attached to my thoughts, shift and release with each round of tapping. I was totally amazed at how quickly I felt myself shift from sadness to feeling so good! Julie worked with me on another issue she noticed was linked to my dog’s death which she also helped me release and let go of in the same session. I can highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants to let go of old behaviours and negative thought patterns.

My EFT session with Julie was about 12 months ago and the positive feeling is still with me today when I think of my beautiful dog. Thank you again Julie.